Saturday, 22 June 2013

Painting in aviary, Alexandrian

Alexandrian parrot
watercolor pencil and connector pens 

Alexandrian parrots is silamer with Ringneck parrots,
but they are bigger then Ringneck parrots.
Last month, an Alexandrian parrot named Sunny and his mate
has been sent to Flying High, the ex-host said that he can speak many words.
Recently, when you walking into the aviary and meet Sunny,
he really can speak many words and sentence, such as:
"What're you doing?"
"Guest what?"
"You are good boy?"

And usually when I try to pet his head,
he always said:
"What're you doing?"

He really is a gorgeous bird,
isn't he ?
The face looks like has a big handlebar mustache!
So funny :D

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